Mesothelioma Doctors: The Last Ray Of Hope

Are you aware of the recent death rate caused by Mesothelioma? It is somewhat around 3000 Americans every year. The WTC attack has completely replaced the past records of the Mesothelioma cases. The prognosis places that Mesothelioma will become a common disease within a decade's time and the death graph will take a steep rise. The ratio between men and women has been calculated and deciphered to be around 3:1 and anyone can become victim of this disease.

Shock all around

With the spread of this news the Mesothelioma cancer has as if crossed all borders. Earlier as it was considered that only the workers of the construction industries would suffer from this disease because they were the ones to work directly with asbestos but at present no such limitation can be drawn.

Delay not to see a doctor

If there are symptoms like acute chest pain, continuous fever with loss of weight, also the fall of appetite and short of breath, you must rush to a doctor. Well it can be influenza or any such common disease but it can also be the premonition for Mesothelioma cancer.

If you visit to a general physician and through his/her diagnosis feel better and normal within a few days then it is okay. But the same symptoms after a short interval of time clearly indicate that you are suffering from something dangerous.

You must immediately visit to a specialist. It is better to see a cancer specialist or specifically a Mesothelioma specialist. It is an age long problem that the Mesothelioma cases are not properly diagnosed in the initial stage and that is why most of the patients cannot be cured. You can look at the same thing from another angle that the Mesothelioma patients don't go to the right doctor at the preliminary stage and worsen the situation.

Importance of biopsy

To confirm that you are suffering from Mesothelioma cancer, biopsy is must. Without this specific test even the doctors cannot make out that where exactly the cancerous cells have developed. If the detection is done at an early stage with the help of radiation therapy, the patient can be healed to a great extent. Modern treatment mechanisms like immunotherapy and gene therapy are also being applied to large number of Mesothelioma patients nowadays. Conventional chemotherapy treatment and surgical treatments are also finding new dimensions and better treatment procedures are being researched.

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