Mesothelioma - Things You Need To Know

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer which occurs when asbestos are inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream leading to a cancerous coating on the internal body organs of patients. There has been much controversy on the subject recently as many lawsuits are being filed on the behalf of patients with this disease.

Currently, the average settlement in Mesothelioma related lawsuits is over $1 million. Signs and symptoms of the disease include among other things, shortness of breath and rapid unexpected weight loss as in patients with Mesothelioma, nutrients in the blood stream cannot be always be absorbed resulting in malnutrition and weight loss. Other common symptoms include pain in the chest as well s in the abdominal region.

After the discovery that asbestos was tied to numerous cases of lung caner and Mesothelioma, the removal of asbestos that had been used in houses and other buildings became common. This was procedure proved to be difficult because anyone in the building at the time of removal had to be relocated and the surrounding atmosphere had to be contained as to not allow the removed asbestos be released into the air.

Along with the removal of asbestos a gargantuan amount of lawsuits were filed against owners of buildings and producers of the insulating asbestos causing many companies to declare bankruptcy. Even to this day, many cases of asbestos are being reported and the development of treatments to the illnesses such as Mesothlioma causes are being created.

At this time, there is no treatment that will allow Mesothelioma patients to fully receiver from this disease; however, there is much attention on this subject and thus medicines and other treatment options are being developed to help cure the disease. Currently, the primary form of treatment is surgery, although success rates are very low. Mesothelioma is a disease gathering much news in recent months and look for new treatment options as well as law suits to be filed in the coming months and years.

Reference: Ron Swerdfiger


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