Peritoneal Mesothelioma– are You Informed?

The protective lining that covers internal organs of the body is very important. It acts as the 'skin' that keeps the organs protected from unwanted infiltration, excess acids and other hazards. This layer is called the mesothelium. The mesothelium is a very sensitive layer, but also very strong. The mesothelium develops from the embryonic stages of man, and is used to line up the important body cavities in order that they may produce fluids that between the cells provide a slippery protection and fluid transport between the wall muscles.

In this case, the mesothelium layer is very important in the facilitation of proper lubrication and functions of body parts such as the lungs. Here they play an important role to ensure both the protection of the lung from collapse, and the proper maintenance of fluidity on the surfaces.

So, if the mesothelium is so important, what is the effect of disease on it? The answer comes short and shocking, if disease ravages the mesothelium, what you get is a weakened protective layer, which will lead to malfunction of the vital important cavities and organs.


This is a form of cancer. It is caused, unlike lung cancer, by extensive exposure to asbestos. Asbestos, is a stone that has both strength and its particles can be extremely harmful to the body. With exposure to asbestos for a period of time, the body is faced with the advent of Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma cancer is a type that causes the mesothelium to swell with fluid around the organs it is supposed to be protecting.

There are several kinds of mesothelioma including Pleura, which is the swelling that takes place mostly around the lungs, and the inner small intestines. This will cause a lot of discomfort in breathing. There is also the Peritoneal Mesothelioma which attacks the lower abdomen, and tunica vaginalis.

All these types of mesothelioma must be detected and be taken care of in early stages, but the cancer itself is full of tricks, it has an incubation period of over twenty years, and may affect one fifteen to twenty years since exposure to asbestos particles and fibers. This is a subject of study and scientists are working on methods of detecting the cancer before it can cause a lot of damage.

Do you know where to find Help?

It is often important that if you have been working with asbestos, though many countries are trying to remove the use of asbestos and find a material with its same quality and much more safety, you should immediately begin visiting the doctor for regular CT scans to establish any abnormal growth in your body. This will enable the doctor concentrate on the right detection and be prepared to administer the right kind of relief. Or you may fall to dreaded malignant mesothelioma.

There are many societies and organizations in around the world dealing with advice and care of Mesothelioma cancer. Be prudent and find out in time, if you can gather as much information as you can. This helps you to make take care of yourself in the right way and to be sensitive to your body changes.

The law also has protected you and you should find out what the law says about this cancer.



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