This Cancer is Called Mesothelioma

If you live or work in Rhode Island, then your life is in danger. Asbestos has been illegal in the state of New York for over 20 years, but there are still some landlords and factory owners who have not removed it from their buildings. This is unforgivable neglect, but what is worse is the manufacturers and building owners who continue to use asbestos in construction and manufacture, despite the health warnings.

These health warnings are no idle threat, and recent studies have shown that asbestos is a lot more than something that can cause cancer. There is now significant evidence to suggest that asbestos, when inhaled, does cause cancer - much like Red Dye number 3 and other banned food additives.

If you have been exposed to asbestos, then you have every likelihood of developing a type of cancer that is extremely aggressive and metastatic (can migrate to other organs). This cancer is called mesothelioma, and it has no cure. In the event of exposure you should consult your doctor immediately and keep an eye out for shortness of breath, a tight chest, blood when you cough and any type of fluid buildup. These are the mesothelioma symptoms that doctors know about, but there could be others that present in unique cases.

The process for mesothelioma diagnosis involves tissue samples, fluid samples, screening and blood work, but most tests are inconclusive. Many different tests must be run concurrently, but together these can give us a good idea of how you became contaminated and whether or not asbestos was at fault.

The simple neglect of asbestos law ruins many lives each year, and if yours is one of them then you are entitled to a lot more than you might think. A top mesothelioma lawyer in Rhode Island can help you to fight the injustice of your contamination, help to secure you a large mesothelioma settlement and to prevent anyone else from contracting this disease in the same way you did. Unscrupulous landlords and factory owners should not be allowed to poison innocent people.

Your mesothelioma attorney should be highly educated and well-experienced in mesothelioma lawsuit procedures, and will represent you as powerfully as possible. In most cases it is possible to secure an out-of-court mesothelioma settlement, but this is not always certain. In the event that the case goes to court you should want someone that has the best reputations in the country for securing the rightful settlements for our clients.

If you or a member of your family have contracted mesothelioma as a direct result of contact with asbestos, then you have been dealt a great injustice. Where there is injustice, then you are entitled to a cash settlement that can either come in the form of a lump sump payment or monthly installments with interest. If you have only recently discovered that you have mesothelioma and you want a lump sum payment to enjoy your life with, then we will fight as hard as possible to secure this type of mesothelioma settlement.

Your mesothelioma lawyer should be dedicated to providing clients with a recourse against those who violate asbestos laws and harm innocent people in the process. New York, California and Texas have all seen increases in the incidence of mesothelioma as a direct result of asbestos poisoning, and every single on of these deaths could have been avoided if companies spent a few extra dollars on approved building materials and construction elements.

Remember that if you have contracted mesothelioma it is up to you to protest and let a mesothelioma lawyer know about your disease. They can take it from there, but if nobody speaks out against this injustice then even the top mesothelioma lawyer in Rhode Island will not be able to make an impression on the damage that asbestos does to our country's health.

Reference: Nick Johnson


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