20 Questions Every Mesothelioma Victim Should Ask Their Doctor

Every mesothelioma patient should have an open discussion with their oncologist. They should ask their doctor the following questions:

1-What is the type of mesothelioma that I have?

3-Has my cancer spread beyond the primary site?

2-What is the stage (extent) of my cancer, and what exactly does its stage signify?

5-Is my cancer likely to be resectable{surgically removable}?

4-Do I still need to do some other tests before I can commence treatment?

6-How much experience do you have treating this type of cancer? 7-Should I get a second opinion?

8-What are the different treatment options available to me?

9-What is the aim of my treatment?

10-What type of treatment do you recommend and why?

11-What risks or side effects of the type of treatment you are recommending?

12-What should I do to be ready for treatment?

13-How long will treatment last?

14-What will it involve?

15- Where will it be done?

16- Will the treatment affect my daily activities?

17-What should I do if there is a re occurrence of the cancer?

18-Will I need follow up after treatment? If so what type of follow up will I need?

19-What are the available clinical trials that I may participate in?

20-What is my likely prognosis {lifespan}?

Reference:Bello Kamorudeen http://www.mesotheliomacorner.blogspot.com


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