Mesothelioma Lawsuit -What are the six stages of a mesothelioma lawsuit?

A diagnosis of mesothelioma places enormous financial burden on the victim, the patient will have to settle huge medical bills, the patient may also have to pay high transportation money to get to the major hospitals where the specialized medical personnel who can handle mesothelioma usually work as most of these hospitals are usually situated only in the major towns. The debilitating nature of these diseases often makes the patients too weak to engage in any serious work activity to get money to cater for them.
Most times the only way by which these patients can get the money they need is by seeking for compensation by filing lawsuits against the companies that were responsible for their exposure to the asbestos fibers that caused their disease. If you have developed asbestos related disease you should get in contact with an expert mesothelioma lawyer immediately. If you pursue legal action you stand a good chance of receiving the compensation you need badly. As such, those inflicted with asbestos-induced diseases should contact a lawyer immediately. By filing a lawsuit against those responsible for your medical condition, you will not only have the opportunity to be compensated, but your case will help bring justice to future asbestos-related cases as well. You need to know the different stages of the lawsuit that you are likely to pass through. There are 6 main different stages of a mesothelioma lawsuit:

1- The first stage is the stage of filing the lawsuit with a competent court of law. The court will then contact the defendant with your claim.

2- The second stage is the stage of case response when the defendant company will give a response to your claim.

3- The third stage is the stage of case discovery. During this stage the lawyers on either side will gather information concerning the case. The victim will be interviewed by the defendants lawyers, this interview might take place in the home of the victim. This interview might be recorded on a video tape.

4- The fourth stage is the setting of the trial date.

5- The fifth stage is the stage of attempted out of court settlement, the defendants lawyers might opt to settle out of court but the amount of money they usually offer at first is usually too small compared to what you stand to get if your pursue a successful trial. As the trial progresses however their lawyer might come back with a better offer.

6- The sixth stage is the trial process itself, the patient is usually not required to come to court throughout the trial process. It is imperative that you get an experienced mesothelioma lawyer who will be able to explain every step of the lawsuit to you as the case progresses, you should be carried along every step of the way.

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