Care for Mesothelioma Patients

All of us are going to die one day. This is a universal truth. We all are ready for it. But why should we die a premature death? And moreover when we are not responsible for the cause of the death. For someone else's benefit, a particular section of the society becomes victim of some deadly diseases.

Mesothelioma cancer is one such disease that can happen to anyone both you and me. But records state the major victims come from the worker class of the asbestos companies, shipping companies and construction yards including mines where asbestos is one of the major minerals dealt with. This is primarily a lung disorder that ultimately takes the shape of fatal cancer.

Caring a Mesothelioma patient is very tough. Caring here doesn't simply mean physical care. A Mesothelioma patient has to be given equal mental and emotional support to fight with the situation. Most of the time it has been observed that the patient completely loses faith in life.

Proper knowledge and guidance

Especially the near and dear ones of the patients must have adequate knowledge about the disease and also know what type of support should be given to the patient. There are doctors to look into the case but they are not available always. It is you who will be by the side of patient in his/her needs.

Treat the patient humbly and give him medicines and food at the right hour. The pain along the chest side is sometimes acute and unbearable. You must have an S.O.S. for instant relief. For Mesothelioma patients, morphine is a very good remedy. But a misconception prevails with the use of morphine and most of us refer it to be a sedative drug with other adverse side effects. Such preconceived notions have to be taken out of mind. Both the patient and the patient's relatives should have a positive mind setup and follow the doctor's prescription in an accurate manner. Otherwise you will welcome further troubles.

Well it is known to all of us that the Mesothelioma patient won't be able to sustain life with this cancer inside the body. But they too have every right to enjoy life till they close their eyes forever. Give them hope and happiness so that they live their life to the fullest even in this short time period. Let depression and despair not make shelter in their minds to blemish the rest of the days they are alive.


John Porter


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