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A physician who specializes in mesothelioma are called oncologists. Oncology is a field in medicine that involves cancer or it is the study of cancer. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that involves the mesothelium. The mesothelium is the tissue that is made up of mesothelial cells. These mesothelial cells are the ones damaged in cancer of the mesothelium or mesothelioma. The mesothelium is can be found as the covering of the internal organs such as the pleura, which is the covering of the lungs and the peritoneum, which is the covering of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Oncologists can be found in treatment centers or hospital that has an oncology department. In treating mesothelioma there is a team of doctors and specialists that one will encounter through the course of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mesothelioma.


During the initial phase of the diagnosis, the first doctor that a client encounters or has contact with is the General Practitioner. This doctor may not be in the specific field of oncology or does not specialize in mesothelioma but this doctor takes the medical history of the patient. He is the one responsible to refer the patient to the specialists or consultants, give them the history and the details of his initial examination of the patient.

The pulmonologist is a physician who specializes in the field that involves the lung. The pleural mesothelioma is the more common form of mesothelioma and this type involves the covering of the lungs. The lung specialist physician has the extensive knowledge and skills and is specifically trained to diagnose and treat diseases that affect the lung such as mesothelioma. This physician may order tests to be performed to diagnose mesothelioma.

The pathologist is a physician who specializes in analyzing cells. This doctor has the extensive skill and knowledge and is highly trained to monitor and evaluate the significant cell changes that may point to mesothelioma. They analyze the cells through the specimiens that are brought to them such as the blood, fluid obtained from the abdomen or lung, or tissues from the mesothelium. They interpret the changes and they are the ones responsible to spot damged mesothelial cells by cancer or the mesothelioma.

The radiologist is a physician who specializes in using instruments that can help confirm the diagnosis of the mesothelioma through the imaging that are generated by these instruments. This doctor particularly analyzes the images taken from the x-ray, CT scan, MRI, PET scan and confirms if there is really presence of mesothelioma.


After the diagnosis and determining the gravity of the mesothelioma, treatment is done and there are different doctors that facilitate the treatment of the mesothelioma. If the mesothelioma is treatable via surgery, the services of a thoracic surgeon may be needed. The thoracic surgeon is trained and is specialized to do surgeries of the lung, heart, chest and esophagus. If a patient has been diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma and it has been decided that the best treatment is surgery, then this physician is the one qualified to do the job.

The Medical Oncologist is a physician specialized to render chemotherapy if it has been determined that the best treatment for the mesothelioma is through chemotherapy. This physician has the extensive knowledge and skills of the treatment modalities of cancer specifically chemotherapy.

The Radiation Oncologist is a physician specialized to render radiation therapy if it has been determined that the best treatment for the mesothelioma is through radiation therapy. This physician has the extensive knowledge and skills and is highly trained to administer radiation therapy to treat the mesothelioma.

These types of physicians are all specialized and work together to help treat mesothelioma. They are all part of the cancer team that helps take care of the mesothelioma patients along with the nurses, therapists and social workers. Each doctor offers specific services that cater to the mesothelioma patient's needs.

Each of the services of these doctors has fees that can amount to a huge amount of money. This is where insurance comes in as part of the team in treating mesothelioma. It is truly a big help if the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of mesothelioma is covered by insurance. Every worker especially those who are considered high risk should take this seriously before it is too late.


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