Mesothelioma Treatment and Faith Healing

Faith healing is based on faith, the belief that mesothelioma cancer or even any other disease can be cured by certain higher powers {God}or through contact with certain places that have a kind of supernatural healing power at work around them. Faith healing can involve prayer, a visit to a religious shrine, or simply a strong belief in a supreme being.

Available scientific evidence does not support claims that faith healing can cure cancer or any other disease. Even the "miraculous" cures at the French shrine of Lourdes, after careful study by the Catholic Church, do not outnumber the historical percentage of spontaneous remissions seen among people with cancer. However, faith healing may promote peace of mind, reduce stress, relieve pain and anxiety, and strengthen the will to live.

According to proponents, nothing is impossible with faith ,every sickness can be cured by faith , faith can cure blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS, developmental disorders, anemia, arthritis, corns, defective speech, multiple sclerosis, skin rashes, total body paralysis, and various injuries. Christian Scientists, for instance, believe that illness is an illusion that can be healed through prayer, either for oneself or by trained practitioners.

Faith healing in close proximity to the patient or at a far location from the patient. Faith healing practiced from afar can involve the use of prayer by a single faith healer or a group of praying people. When near to the patient, as in revivalist tent meetings, the healer often touches, or "lays hands on," the patient believing that healing power will flow from a higher supernatural power through his hands unto the sick cancer patient.

Faith healing can also involve a pilgrimage to a religious shrine, such as the French shrine at Lourdes, in search of a miracle. Christian Scientists train and use their own practitioners to heal sick persons through prayer.

Although it is known that a small percentage of people with cancer experience remissions of their disease that cannot be explained, available scientific evidence does not support claims that faith healing can actually cure physical ailments. When a person believes strongly that a healer can create a cure, a "placebo effect" can occur. The placebo effect can make the person feel better, but it has not been found to induce remission or improve chance of survival from cancer.

The patient usually credits the improvement in how he or she feels to the healer, even though the perceived improvement occurs because of the patient's belief in the treatment. Taking part in faith healing can evoke the power of suggestion and affirm one's faith in a higher power, which may help promote peace of mind. This may help some people cope more effectively with their illness.

People who seek help through faith healing and are not cured may have feelings of hopelessness, failure, guilt, worthlessness, and depression. In some groups, the person may be told that his or her faith was not strong enough. The healer and others may hold the person responsible for the failure of their healing. This can alienate and discourage the person who is still sick.

Relying on this type of treatment alone and avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences. Death, disability, and other unwanted outcomes have occurred when faith healing was elected instead of medical care for serious injuries or illnesses.

Even if you decide to use faith healing as means of treating your mesothelioma cancer do not neglect the use of your prescribed medical treatment, use your faith treatment as form of complementary therapy for your faith, after all if both therapies are working for the same goal ,continuing your normal treatment should not negate your faith.

Finally, a few "faith healers" have been caught using fraud as a way to get others to believe in their methods. Do not give anybody money to pray for you or heal you.

Bello kamorudeen.


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