Three Reasons Why You Must Hire a Mesothelioma Lawyer

Mesothelioma patients may know they worked around asbestos which led to their development of the deadly cancer, but some other victims are not aware that the asbestos materials that they had been exposed to has led to their development of cancer symptoms. Asbestos is a well recognized carcinogen responsible most times for the mesothelioma cancer.

Unfortunately, there have been thousands of products that contained asbestos - cigarette filters, hair dryers, brakes, basement and roof materials, pipes, boilers, insulation, and many other products found throughout the home and at work. If you were diagnosed with mesothelioma it is more than likely that you were exposed to asbestos over a long period of time your life and that this happened decades before your were diagnosed with the symptoms of the disease.

In general, the value of your case depends on how many asbestos containing products you were exposed to, the number of identifiable defendants that still exist (many have declared bankruptcy), your age and earning capacity. And the speed of your case can depend on a number of variables including the state where you worked and lived when you were exposed to asbestos.

When you are given this diagnosis of mesothelioma, you will probably not feel like you have the time nor the emotional strength to pursue a lawsuit to claim damages. However once you receive a diagnosis of mesothelioma the best time to start pursuing your case is immediately. These are three main reasons why you should start pursuing legal action immediately:

1-Statutes of Limitations - There are statute of limitations which means you only have a limited time to file your case after diagnosis. The statute of limitations time period is set by individual states and varies. The clock usually starts ticking on the day of diagnosis. You co not have all the time on your side.

2-Financial Pressure - A mesothelioma diagnosis can bring financial stress, medical treatments for this type of cancer involves huge bills which are not covered by insurance all the time. You will need as much financial aid as you can get.

3-Lawyers Can be Excellent Resources - The more experienced mesothelioma lawyers and law firms can often be excellent sources of information about various doctors and treatment options available for this disease. They have been involved in this field for a long time and they know where you can best find help.

Choosing the best lawyer is serious business and you can not rely on TV ads as the reason to hire an attorney, you should check their credentials;

What type of accomplishments has the law firm achieved?

How committed are they to mesothelioma/asbestos cases?

Are these cases a substantial part of their practice or just a small piece?

How similar cases have they handled?

Also, make sure you discuss and agree on fees to be charged. Most mesothelioma lawyers charge on a contingency basis. Contingency fees are only paid to the lawyer only after they collect money for you. The amount of the contingency fee that your lawyer can charge varies and is usually around 35% to 40% of amount of claims won at the end of the case, if you do not win the case the lawyer does not get paid.

It is important to discuss fees openly, ask what services they cover, how they are calculated, and whether there will be any extra charges.

Finally, for something as important as a mesothelioma lawsuit, your attorney should not only be experienced, skilled, and dedicated, but also a trusted partner who understands that your health needs always take precedence. The best lawyers are those that are not only expert at what they do, but are also caring, supportive, thoughtful and compassionate.

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