Mesothelioma Prevention - Three Main Ways To Prevent Mesothelioma

The main way by which mesothelioma is prevented is by reducing and limiting exposure to asbestos at home, at work and at public places. These three measures help to prevent and reduce exposure to asbestos fibers.

1. Jobs that have high risk of exposure to asbestos include mining, factory workers, insulation manufacturers, railroad and automotive workers, ship builders, gas mask manufacturers, and construction workers, particularly those involved with insulation. People that work in any of these sites should always put on protective gowns, and they fully adopt and abide by all the safety work procedures and practices in their place of work.

2. Old houses might have asbestos containing insulation materials and people living in them could also be at risk of exposure to asbestos. If you live in an old house you might need to get a knowledgeable expert to determine the level of asbestos in your home, so that you can know if you are at risk from asbestos. Generally however asbestos in buildings might not pose much danger if they are in good condition, it is only when they are tampered with when you attempt to remove them that they might actually be released into the air, so it is better you live them alone.

If in any case you decide to remove asbestos from your home you must get a qualified contractor to remove them for you to prevent contamination of your home further. Never attempt to remove the asbestos containing materials yourself.

3. Some commercial and public buildings especially come schools also contain asbestos. These buildings could expose people to asbestos especially if they are damaged and when they start deteriorating gradually over time. Federal Laws require that schools and public buildings should inspect their asbestos containing buildings regularly and have a plan for managing them

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