Coping strategies found useful by mesothelioma victims

Mesothelioma is such a disease that affects not only the person diagnosed with the disease, but his or her loved ones, too. The intention to write this article is to offer some resource for patients and their families who are living with this disease. Coping with mesothelioma, unlike other types of cancer, can be significantly difficult. There are few support groups specifically available for mesothelioma. These are quite often informal groups of people who reside in the same area or who occasionally meet each other in doctors' chambers or hospital waiting rooms. There are larger and more organized support groups for cancer sufferers in general but not for mesothelioma sufferers in specific.

Let's see how this support groups operates.

Support Groups The main job of the support groups is to help people, deal with the challenges that they are facing. It is known that over 20% of Americans have participated in some type of self-help group. There are mainly two types of support groups that are available. They are online support groups and community centred support groups. Nowadays in an era of internet the number of online support groups is gradually increasing. It is possible that a support group exists in your community or on-line that can help to provide you the required support.

Support groups may provide several benefits:

"A social platform for getting connected with others who are facing similar situations.

"A platform to know how others have coped with challenges similar to the ones you are facing presently.

"A safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where one can share feelings.

"The reassurance that you are not alone, there are other's too who have either suffered in the past or is undergoing the same presently.

"A platform where you can reliably share information.

"A source of reliable Support from others who understand from personal experience what you are going through

Incidentally there are different types of support groups that are available. This includes groups with strong focus on a particular disease such as mesothelioma, groups of caregivers, and family-centered groups.

Some of the Characteristics of a successful group are as follows:

"A mix of participants from various age groups. "Honesty of purpose "A caring atmosphere "A sense of trust should prevail among members "A good facilitator "Members should abide by the group rules, including confidentiality.

Apart from joining support groups, a patient should be encouraged by his family members to remain relaxed and try to focus on the bright side of the life. A patient should not feel depressed and emotionally drained. The family members or the caregivers should create a healing environment and encourage the patient to think positive. There are lots of inspirational books that tell how people are fighting mesothelioma and other life-threatening diseases. Meditation is another way to keep your mind distracted from morbid thoughts and tension.


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