What Are The Common Sources Of High levels of Exposure To Asbestos

Almost everyone has been exposed to asbestos at some time in their life. Higher levels of asbestos are more commoner in these places:

1- Near an asbestos mine or factory

2- In a building being torn down or renovated that contains asbestos products In indoor air, the concentration of asbestos depends on whether: a}asbestos was used for insulation, ceiling or floor tiles, or other purposes, and whether these asbestos-containing materials are in good condition or are deteriorated and easily crumbled, b}activities in the house, such as repairs and home improvements have disturbed asbestos-containing materials, or c}asbestos has been brought into the home on shoes, clothes, hair, pet fur or other objects

3- Near a waste site where asbestos is not properly covered up or stored to protect it from wind erosion

4- Near an area containing naturally occurring asbestos that has been disturbed through activities that crush asbestos-containing rock or stir up dust in soils that contain asbestos fibers.

Being exposed to asbestos does not mean you will develop health problems. Other factors come into play to determine whether or not you will actually develop asbestos related disease. The most important of these are:

- For how long and how frequently you were exposed

-How long it has been since your exposure started

-How much you asbestos you were exposed to.

-If you smoke cigarettes (cigarette smoking with asbestos exposure increases your chances of getting lung cancer)

-The size and type of asbestos you were exposed to, the blue asbestos is the most deadly of the different asbestos fibers.

-Whether you have some other pre-existing lung conditions

If you have been exposed significantly to asbestos and you are suspecting that you have developed asbestos related diseases you must see your doctor for thorough clinical examination and appropriate testing.

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