Mesothelioma Settlement-Ford Motor Company ordered to pay $10 million Compensation

On May 29, 2004, a Texas court found Ford Motor Company guilty of negligence and ordered the company to pay the sum of $ 10 million to the family of Carolyn Miller.

The plaintiff from Dearborn, Michigan, died from mesothelioma in the year 2000 at age of 54 years as result of the asbestos she was exposed to when as child she was dusting and washing the work clothes of her father, John Roland, who worked at a Ford plant in Michigan from 1953-1964.

John Roland used to work in the blast furnaces where he was constantly exposed to asbestos fibers which stuck to his work clothes which he took home for his daughter to wash for him after closing everyday. He developed pleural plaques, and asbestosis which is also caused by exposure to asbestos fibers. This lung disease could transform to a full blown mesothelioma cancer later.

After a protracted Legal battle the following compensation was awarded to the Miller family, not as form of punishment to the company but to compensate the Miller Family for all the loss and pain that their unlawful exposure to asbestos caused them:-

-$4.5 million was awarded to the Millers estate

-$500,000 was awarded to John Roland

-$750,000 was awarded to Millers daughter

-$1.5 million to Millers daughter

-$2.75 million to Millers husband Glen

Mesothelioma victims should learn as much as they can about mesothelioma lawsuits so that they will be able to file successful lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve.

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